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About Herd Books

Herd Books is Cow/Calf cattle management software produced on our Alberta ranch. For Canadian commercial Beef producers it will age verify calves for both the CCIA and BIXS.

Herd Books is quite forgiving of new users. You may find it very similar to how you have set up your own Cow & Calving records. Plus it includes features that just are not practical with paper records. For the small to mid sized cattle ranch it will cover virtually all your needs and provide years of very low cost Cow Calf records.

If you have been keeping your cattle records on paper or on a spread sheet, Herd Books can help you make the transition to an easier to use and more productive Cow/Calf record system.

The Herd Books program has been updated for 2018 to accommodate BIXS 2, the current version being

Visit our Features page for more information on the program. Visit our Screenshots page for sample screenshots.

Herd Books is available to try at no charge for 90 days - please visit our Order page if you would like to try or update Herd Books.


Our Features page has more information about the program.



Visit our Screenshots page for sample screenshots.



Available at no charge for 90 days, visit our order page.


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Getting Started With Herd Books

Things You Should Know

  • Alberta - The new ALIS (Alberta Livestock Identification Services) has made age verification mandatory as of January 2009 for Alberta producers.
  • Alberta - Cattle born after Jan 1st 2009 must be age verified before leaving the farm.
  • Alberta - All livestock producers must obtain a Premises ID# from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Alberta - Requires all feedlots with more than 1000 head (down from 5000) to send a Move In and a Move Out file to the CLIA for cattle bought and sold within 7 days of the tranaction.
  • Alberta - Birth records consisting of the animals ID tag, CCIA number and if verified by date of birth, the birth date, or the starting date of calving that the calves were verified with, must be kept for 10 years. (For your protection I would suggest you have a method to link these numbers to the Dam and siblings.

Alberta's Traceability Cattle Identification Regulation _ read.

CLIA – As of Jan 1st 2010 the old CCIA bar code dangle tags are obsolete and animals leaving the farm must have an RFID tag applied. If you wish to verify the new tag and the dangle tag has been verified with the CLIA then the Cross-reference form should be used instead of the Birth date (age verification) form.

Note--even if the dangle tag was never verified you are not allowed to remove the old tag. When you ruin a tag the CLIA wants you to 'Retire' the tag. You use this form for animals that have died on your place as well.